Email Policy

RICHARD A. CARSEL, P.C. accepts and encourages appropriate communication via email from its clients, the Court and attorneys concerning legal matters under the following terms and conditions:

We strive to read and promptly respond to all emails received. However, the sender of any email to RICHARD A. CARSEL, P.C. cannot assume that the specific addressee has received and read a particular email unless such information is confirmed by telephone or in writing by RICHARD A. CARSEL, P.C. Accordingly, matters requiring immediate attention should not be communicated via email. Further, confidential information should not be sent via email. Any such communications are made at the risk of the sender exclusively with no warranty whatsoever that time sensitive or confidential emails will be timely received and responded to or that content of any email will be transmitted confidentially. By sending an email to us, you agree to the following: ”I understand and agree that RICHARD A. CARSEL, P.C. will have no duty to keep confidential the information I am now transmitting to them.”

RICHARD A. CARSEL, P.C. does NOT accept: (1) service of process; (2) discovery requests or responses; (3) ex parte notice or service of process or other legal documents via email without prior written agreement. RICHARD A. CARSEL, P.C. also does NOT accept unsolicited, profane or obscene emails or emails seeking to sell or advertise goods or services.